5 Sage Bundles

5 Sage Bundles


5 Sage Bundles - incl. FREE Global Shipping
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Support Friends of the Rainforest and cleanse your space with this magical sacred herb for smudging.

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Friends of the Rainforest is committed to our mission of educating and inspiring children and adults to take action to protect, support, and expand the Rainforest.

White Sage is good for cleansing and rituals of healing and protection. It dispels negative energies.

In cultures worldwide, smudging and the burning of fires or incense has been an important part of connection with the divine, clearing of energies, and the raising of vibrations. The smoke of sage is believed to be intolerant of negative energies and low vibrations and helps aid in raising energies and vibrations.

To use, light leaf on fire and blow out, using the smoke only to energetically cleanse yourself, objects such as crystals, or other personal items, or your house to rid of negative energies.